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From the November 2007 issue of The Christian Science Journal

At this year's Annual Meeting of The Mother Church, members were encouraged to think together about the Sermon on the Mount, especially in relation to the question, "What does it take to be a healer?" As all of us think more deeply about our role as healers and what it means to the world, The Mother Church would like to offer the opportunity for branches to invite the President of The Mother Church, Mark Swinney, C.S.B.; and two members of the Board of Education—President, Olga Chaffee, C.S.B., and Teacher, Karl Sandberg, C.S.B.—to facilitate a meeting, both for those who are developing a healing practice, and for those currently advertising in The Christian Science Journal.

As these meetings require the coverage of all expenses, several branches may choose to work together and share the expenses, plus the planning and preparation. If your church or society would like more information about being a sponsor, please contact Betty Carneal at 617—450—3662 or