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Driving home late at night, a high school student unexpectedly meets with an obstacle in the road that causes him to change his priorities.

From the November 2007 issue of The Christian Science Journal

MY SENIOR YEAR AT PREP SCHOOL began with a rough start. I was immediately thrown into an almost absurd amount of work. And on top of that, college application deadlines loomed ever nearer. I hadn't gone one day in school before I had to study into the early morning hours just trying to get everything done. With all this going on, I felt like I didn't have time for Christian Science.

About ten days later, I was out late one evening and had to drive home. It was around 10:00 or 11:00, so there were still many cars on the freeway. As I came around a bend, I didn't see a large cargo box sitting in the middle of the road. When I did, I immediately braked, but I still hit the box. This caused my Honda Accord to skid across the freeway and hit the left guardrail, skid all the way back and hit the right rail, skid back again toward the left, then roll down the embankment over the side of the freeway and collide into an oncoming Volkswagen van.

Though I had just been through a traumatizing 30 seconds, I maintained consciousness the whole time. I was not the least bit hurt when the car stopped moving, and my thoughts were clear. I immediately jumped out of the car and walked to the side of the freeway. The other party was not injured either, and we quickly exchanged information and called the police and my dad. The police responded quickly, and they immediately began clearing my now-totaled car off the road. They started grilling me with questions, and I answered each one coherently and calmly. Soon after, my dad arrived to take me home. We immediately called a Christian Science practitioner who often helps my family through prayer. It turned out that she had been praying in general for my family that morning, and the word safety had come to her thought. She told me that she didn't know exactly why, but she had begun to affirm that my family was absolutely safe in God's love and that there was no getting out of it.

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