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From the August 2008 issue of The Christian Science Journal

There are many phrases particular to Australian-English, and one of my favorites is "good on you," or more accurately, "good on-ya." It's used when someone achieves something or does a good deed, and is comparable to the British "well done" or the American "good for you." What is so appealing about the Australian term is that it's almost like a blessing—"let good come to you."

Good is recognizable to all of us. It is usually what we genuinely want for ourselves and for others. But the term good covers a lot of ground, and there are many views of what actually is good.

Spiritually defined, good is another term for God. And the Bible confirms this throughout. For example, a verse from Psalms that refers to God states, "Thou art good, and doest good" (119:68). Good is therefore present and permanent—as real and indestructible as God. Contrary to the frequently accepted concept of it, good is not partial, doesn't come and go, and is not fragile. It is solid, apparent, spiritual reality. It not only surrounds us, but it is our essential substance, the fact of our being as children of God. We image good. It's all we can be, all we can see and experience. There is no separation from it nor opposite to it, though the supposed opposite is called evil. Mary Baker Eddy wrote in a sermon called Christian Healing, "God is All, and in all: that finishes the question of a good and a bad side to existence" (p. 10). According to the spiritual facts of the universe, including man, God, or good, is everywhere, and therefore evil is nowhere, having no place, power, authority, nor existence. Evil only seems to exist in the mortal mind, which is a fantasy. Divine Mind, God, or good, includes nothing unlike itself.

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