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100% in Balance

The life that's all spiritual is always whole.

From the December 2009 issue of The Christian Science Journal

"THAT'S WHY YOU'RE CURED!" she exclaimed as she pushed off from the swimming pool wall to do more laps.

This was not someone I knew well. Friendly conversation simply developed as we swam laps at a public pool. Her exclamation surprised me a little, because frankly I'd forgotten that a few weeks earlier I'd mentioned a recent healing I experienced through prayer in Christian Science. I had previously been seriously ill and not able to swim. Obviously she had not forgotten my earlier mention of that healing. Moreover, it was clear from her comment that she was thinking about how such healing could happen. She was in need of healing herself.

The subject of healing had come up in our conversation naturally. We had paused from swimming at about the same time at the same end of the pool. We chatted a bit about how many laps we'd gone, and what good that might effect. She mentioned that she was maintaining a regular swimming schedule lately in order to improve her health, but she was clearly exhausted and not feeling well. As encouragement to her, I expressed gratitude for the fresh freedom I was feeling to move about easily. She welcomed my comments as an offering of hopefulness for her situation.