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A Look at 'The Seven Deadly Sins'


From the December 2009 issue of The Christian Science Journal

They serve as a moral compass to millions. Do the seven "deadlies" have any real potency or power? Last month, the first of the three—pride, anger, and sloth—were held up to the light of Christian Science. This month the last four—lust, gluttony, greed, and envy—go under a spiritual microscope.

LUST? No mortal attraction. Soul's evidence is selfless and pure.

Lust is maybe the most rationalized of the seven "deadlies" because it derives from what physical science calls "natural instinct"—nature's way of ensuring the perpetuity of the human race and various species of animals. We are said to be hard-wired for lust, and attracted to each other by "animal" magnetism. Which means that those who see men and women as physical beings question why a "normal" aspect of physicality should even be considered a sin. But in order to accept and live our actual sin-lessness as Soul's likeness, we need to realize that we are not physical creatures. We are spiritual beings. And it is through this realization only that we can honestly declare ourselves "sinless."

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