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Book Commentary

From the December 2009 issue of The Christian Science Journal

It'S Here. The new amplified edition of Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer. Now enriched with 35 percent more material, this expanded edition includes every known documented healing by this remarkable woman. It is compelling reading for seasoned Christian Scientists, as well as for those who have just begun to learn about Christian Science and the practice of spiritual healing.

Offering a vibrant bird's-eye view into the background of the discoverer of Christian Science, the book gives a glimpse into the early healing atmosphere of the culture that shaped Mrs. Eddy's childhood, and the deep influence it had on her. "Mary Baker Eddy's Puritan heritage" a new chapter about her formative years, notes that her "insistence that 'healing the sick is essential to Christianity' was based on Christ Jesus' command to his followers to 'heal the sick' " (p. 23).

As Mrs. Eddy widened the scope of her spiritual understanding over the years, she found that healing results from the reliability of divine Love and the laws on which spiritual healing is based. These laws, which she named Christian Science, were the foundation of her extraordinary record of healing. In the section "More Healing Works of Mary Baker Eddy," an excerpt of a sermon she gave in 1884 relates a healing of a woman who had been blind. "Now how is this done?" she asked the congregation. "Not by a material method, no hygiene, no oculist in the case, no humbug back to back seances, but the Divine utterance of this stated fact which you all reject, which is universally rejected upon the face of the earth, namely, that you are not material, and never had a material pain nor a mind under the skull ..." (pp. 338–339). And in "Principle and Practice," an article first published in the Christian Science Sentinel in 1917 after her passing and republished in this new edition, Mrs. Eddy underscored her healing method: "It is the healer's understanding of the operation of the divine Principle," she wrote, "and his application thereof, which heals the sick ..." (p. 276).