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From the December 2009 issue of The Christian Science Journal

My Written Expression of gratitude for a healing that took place approximately ten years ago is long overdue. Although I had experienced some remarkable healings over the past 40 years of turning to God as my only physician, I had not encountered a debilitating and life-threatening illness of this magnitude prior to this time.

The condition began with a sudden and dramatic loss of weight, which elicited comments and amateur diagnoses of cancer from friends and colleagues. The Christian Science practitioner I called for treatment confidently asked me what difference did it make what name was attached to a lie about God's idea. I never explored getting a diagnosis or opinions. Yet, it is only honest to say that I began to manifest in my body cancer-like symptoms. Every day for the better part of three years the practitioner and I prayed to establish in consciousness my true identity as a spiritually perfect idea of God. There is a great deal to be said of my growth in understanding my true identity. For instance, one day I discovered a large growth in my groin area that was bleeding. I telephoned the practitioner to inform her of what had happened. The bleeding stopped immediately and the growth began to shrink away to nothing over the next few days. One thing stood out to me about this experience. Whereas I had a tendency in the past to be fretful, this time I felt no fear and calmly dealt with the situation. As I thought about this, it became clear to me that my growing understanding of God's presence with me prevented the development of fear in my thought.

A short time later when several smaller growths appeared, the practitioner asked me to grasp what Mary Baker Eddy meant when she wrote, "There is no metastasis ..." (Science and Health, p. 420). I did not know what that word meant so I looked it up in a dictionary only to discover that it was used to describe the movement of cancer cells from one part of the body to another part, and to the medical profession that movement was usually fatal. That description did not frighten me at all. In fact, this growth and some others disappeared almost immediately. This healing proved to me that in truth there is no metastasis.