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From the December 2009 issue of The Christian Science Journal

A Year and a Half Ago I began to notice numbness in a few of my fingers. It would last a short time after I got up from bed, but then worsened to the point that my other fingers were affected. Although the numbness lessened during the day, it didn't go away completely. Sometimes the soles of my feet felt numb, as well. I found the symptoms frightening and could think of a couple of possible reasons for them, including some serious ones.

I was building a chicken coop at home at that time, and sometimes I could not hold the nails or screws securely. Some days it was hard to even button clothes, or to type on the computer (which I need to do almost constantly at work). A few times the numbness in my feet was pronounced enough to make me fear it would interfere with driving or walking. I had experienced healing before through prayer, and I called a Christian Science practitioner because I just knew I could be healed again.

As soon as the practitioner began praying with me, the symptoms lessened, making it very clear to me that prayer is effective. I don't remember all the spiritual ideas that came to us as we prayed, but one thought the practitioner shared, which I already knew and found very helpful to hear again, was that I would have what I needed each moment, just like the children of Israel when they got manna to eat in the desert. As it says in the Bible, God really is "a very present help in trouble" (Psalm 46:1, emphasis added). This proved to be true in so many instances.