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Church Alive

No Doubt About It, Church Is Alive! 

 . . . at least, judging from the numerous inspiring letters and articles the Journal receives every day from individuals all over the world. For example, Puneet Sharma, of India, whose Christian Science Society held one of the many Church Alive Summits inspired by the theme of this year’s Annual Meeting of The Mother Church.  

Turn the page, and you’ll find thought-provoking excerpts from a session at the recent Boston Summit called “Services that Heal: Inspired Reading and Listening,” given by the Readers of The Mother Church. 

Following that are articles—Church in Action—from Puneet and others who are truly witnesses to a revitalized, and yes—alive Church. 

‘A new birth within’

From the September 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Some years ago, our church was confronted with problems like church work not being fun, not too many visitors, not many testimonies, too many empty chairs in Sunday School. The need became felt among our members to honestly ask, Do I really live Christian Science? Am I really understanding what I read about it? Do I really believe what I say about it? Do I really know what my church is? Do I know who God is? Do I know who I am? 

Those questions, earnestly considered, make one go on one’s knees and stay quiet and listen for answers. Going forward in this way was very much in the spirit of Mary Baker Eddy’s words about the importance of knowing ourselves before we can effectively minister to others (see Science and Health, p. 453). 

It was a wonderful phase for our church—there was less talk about Christian Science and not as many “busy” actions. To me, it felt as though we came honestly to the point where we saw what was in our thoughts—and that it was not always good. That thinking showed itself in human will, pride, attempts to dominate, self-righteousness, discouragement, false accusations, envy. It was not comfy to allow all this to be seen and felt. Still, there was this deeply felt desire to live Christian Science, to really go to God. 

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