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Love at the helm

From the February 2012 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Love under and over, within and without  Lifting and filling, my white sail taut  My mast bends—though anchored strong  Through meekness it lends Love’s primal song  Humble rudder, Love’s still small voice  Mortals need not shudder, immortals rejoice!  The wind may blow, the earth may quake  My ship lies low in Love’s pure wake There’s a shout, Land ahoy!  My sail still taut, girded with joy  Ship ready for anchor—sail to be folded and stored  Is destiny met, do I pull for the shore? Yonder the vale, verdant pasture  Will this wind fill my sail, will my rudder discover?  Will I hear the call—that still, small voice?  Will my mast stand tall, and is there a choice? Peace, be still  Not my will  With God at the helm, a magnificent source  A spiritual realm, Love sets my course. — Rod Wagner.