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Prodigal journey

From the October 2015 issue of The Christian Science Journal

See Luke, chapter 15 it wasn’t until I found myself begging for the privilege of feeding pigs and saw that they were a sight far more precious than I in the eyes of their citizen that I could see how far I had fallen in my own eyes: desperate for husks discarded by pigs all my pearls squandered my heart a famished wasteland suddenly riches seemed so simple: all I wanted was bread a bed a place to serve and I could see that what my Father had really given to me couldn’t be wasted hadn’t run out but lay hidden a well-spring within me the journey home felt light there was no need to rush the rubble had been cleared the way made plain the look in His eyes confirmed what I had already gleaned arms wide open air pulsating with song: no end child no end to this love —Joni Overton-Jung.