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Christian Science lectures: Breaking collective hypnotism

From the August 2019 issue of The Christian Science Journal

A friend of mine who practiced hypnotism once told me that in order for people to become hypnotized, they must first be “induced.” He explained that a hypnotic induction may take place voluntarily or involuntarily, slowly or in a startling instant, but whatever the method, the point is for the hypnotist to so fully grab the attention of his subject that he may then have influence over that person’s thinking. 

This was an eye-opener for me, because I realized it’s possible to feel hypnotized even when there isn’t a specific person, like a hypnotist, involved. I began to question what kinds of moments throughout the day would similarly try to grab my attention and induce me into a hypnotic view of things. What startling or even slowly lulling impressions would make me see myself or others in a distorted light, or would make me see my church, the Christian Science movement, or my larger community in a way that’s just not rooted in reality?

What’s 100 percent natural for all of us is to see and feel God’s all-goodness, the reality of a single creation governed entirely by God’s, divine Love’s, power and populated entirely by individuals who reflect the divine nature—because that’s what’s real. That includes our churches and the entire Christian Science movement, because they spring from the same source and are rooted in the same reality. No other power or influence truly exists to pull God’s offspring or any Love-ordained activity out from under the total governance of infinite Love. Everything that’s God-made is unchangeably holy and an effective agent of good, which is why hypnotism isn’t something to fear. 

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