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I was recently going through some issues of the Journal, and I came across an article titled “ Church membership and worshiping the one Mind ” by Grayce G. Young.

Beyond sitting in a pew

I was the only one sitting in the pew. Everyone else was kneeling at the communion service of our branch Church of Christ, Scientist, but it was just too uncomfortable for me to kneel, owing to a painful internal condition.

Making the message clear and accessible

Dear Reader, Are you a new reader of The Christian Science Journal, Christian Science Sentinel, or The Herald of Christian Science? Longtime reader? Or an occasional, frequent, or would-be writer? Pull up a chair, and converse with us here at The Christian Science Publishing Society about how you feel the message of Christian Science is coming across in these publications—in print and digitally.   We recently conducted a survey of over 1,500 Sentinel readers, and we were grateful to know how satisfied so many were.

‘Please forgive me’

In the small village in Mexico where I was raised, I grew up with the fears and superstitions of spiritualism, believing evil was the only power. During that time, it seemed normal for me to have car accidents.

Old and new friends in the Christian Science Hymnal

I like to keep bookmarks moving in my favorite books. These include the Bible, and works by Mary Baker Eddy— Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, as well as her Prose Works and Church Manual— and a biography of Mrs.

A lesson from a ‘cracked’ watch

“Oh no!” my husband suddenly exclaimed with dismay. “My watch has a crack right across the face!” We all looked, and there it was—a deep, dark crack spoiling the appearance of his lovely watch.

Begin rightly, reason rightly, to end rightly—healed!

When confronted with sickness and pain, there are two essential points found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, the Christian Science textbook by Mary Baker Eddy, that give very practical guidance to anyone wanting to practice and experience Christian Science healing. I’ve found that these two points give traction to prayer in Christian Science, centering it on God as infinite, all, rather than the problem, and therefore leading to healing.

The Science of God’s allness heals

There have been so many clear healings in my experience as a Christian Scientist. This wonderful, constantly renewing way of comprehending and utilizing the power and presence of God is aptly called Christian Science, because its study and practice bring real, reliable healing.

Your creative endeavor—already complete

There is a common expression among musicians, “You’re only as good as your last concert!” And certainly, there are footsteps a musician takes in approaching the ideal performance—practice and rehearsal beforehand being obvious ones. However, if we see the performance as already a complete, right idea—as an expression of God’s being—then its perfect unfoldment is assured.

My friend and I were at an impasse. Time and again we cycled through the same arguments, each trying to convince the other that our way forward was the right one, but never really understanding each other nor breaking our logjam.