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Putting on record insights into the practice of Christian Science.


We regret to be obliged to say, that all are not metaphysicians, or Christian Scientists, who call themselves so. Charlatanism, fraud and malice are getting into the ranks of the good and pure, sending forth a more deadly poison than the Upas tree, in the Eastern Archipelago.


Nature, like a thrifty housewife, is setting the earth in order, and blame her not, that taking up her gray carpets and putting down her green ones, 'tis a little dusty. The voices of Spring come to us sad or joyful, even as the heart may be; they restore in sweet rhythm unforgotten harmonies, or waken mute memories too tender to touch.


At the residence of Mr. R———, of Arlington, a happy concourse of friends had gathered to celebrate the eighty-second birthday of his mother.


What has an individual gained by losing his own self respect? Or what has he lost when retaining his own, he loses the homage of fools, or the pretentious praise of hypocrites, false to themselves as to others? "To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any one. " When Aristotle was asked what a person could gain by uttering falsehoods, he replied: Not to be credited when he shall tell the truth.