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It is with profound gratitude that I give this testimony

From the October 1908 issue of The Christian Science Journal

It is with profound gratitude that I give this testimony. Four years ago Christian Science was recommended to me at a time of great physical need, and I was almost immediately healed of an organic trouble of nine years' standing. The constant study of Christian Science since that time has brought release from innumerable physical ills, which had belonged to a condition of semi-invalidism and had been accepted as part of the inevitable burden of mortal existence. Health and harmony of body are but a small part of the blessing which has come to me through this clearer understanding of God. It has lifted me out of the dark gropings of agnosticism into the glorious light of absolute Truth, and has given me a religion which is logical, consistent, and complete, and which solves life's many perplexing problems. Even though I stand but on its threshold, I am learning how to detect and uproot from my consciousness every sinful thought and motive, and how to love not only my neighbor, but my enemy, as myself.

I am learning to know God—not as a vague abstraction, but as a vital reality, an ever-present help, whose guidance, as immutable, unerring Principle, I can be conscious of every hour of every day. My gratitude is greater than I can ever express in words—may my deeds attest it!