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[Written for the Journal.]


From the October 1908 issue of The Christian Science Journal

"Woman, why weepest thou?"
"Why weep not whilst my darkness hath no star,
And I from love and joy am so afar
In maze of misery? Tell me, I pray,
Why weep not when so burdened all the day,
Whilst fear and anguish seem on me outpoured,
And, tho' I yearn, I cannot see my Lord?"
"Woman, awake! 'tis not indifference
That saith, 'Why sorrow,' to thy suff'ring sense;
Thy Saviour knows 'tis but a mortal dream.
E'en tho' thou dreamest, good is still supreme;
Love still is loving; all God hath is thine.
Arise! ascend unto thy God—and mine!
Thy Saviour speaks—who hath aris'n from death—
'Tis he, who still with Love's persistence saith,
'Woman, why weepest thou ?' "