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Little did I know when I called for physical help in...

From the October 1908 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Little did I know when I called for physical help in Christian Science, what divine Love had in store for me. My thoughts go back to childhood days, when my mother was an invalid,—having serious lung trouble, as did also a brother, the family physician calling it hereditary in our family. After the physician could do no more to relieve them, and change of climate failed, they passed from us. Later I made a change of climate to avoid that dreaded disease, and came to South Dakota, but found only temporary relief. My fear was so great that I was afraid even to drink cold water, as though it was some deadly poison; and the disease would change from one form to another, until I was unable to attend to business.

After materia medica, had failed to bring relief, Christian Science was brought to my attention. A very kind friend asked me the second time to call for help, and told me how much it had helped her. Not having the faintest idea what Christian Science was, yet never questioning, but with a longing to be well, I called for the help of a Christian Science practitioner, and was healed of an alarming condition in a short time. I did not realize that it was anything more than physical healing which I would receive when I asked for help, but it gave me a great spiritual uplift to perceive the deep things of God. I know that Christian Science saved my life from that most dreaded disease, and restored me to health and peace.

I went home to my boarding-place late one evening, and poured, as I supposed, a cup of coffee from the coffeepot and drank it. I noticed that it had a peculiar taste, and I realized that I had taken something that was very strong. I went to my room, and the thought came to me that I was all alone. Then I realized that our heavenly Father is always present,—that I was not alone,—and I looked to Him for relief. In a short time the bad effect had left me, as though I had never swallowed the fluid. The next morning I learned that what I had drank was lye that had been put in the coffee-pot for cleansing purposes. This brought a desire to learn how the trouble had been overcome, and I took up the study of Christian Science, for I wanted to learn more of this ever-present power that heals. I read a little in "Miscellaneous Writings" by Mrs. Eddy, and thought I must have a copy and study it. I read the chapter beginning on page 8, "Love Your Enemies," and my great desire was to live the teaching of this chapter.