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From the July 1908 issue of The Christian Science Journal

LADY JANE GREY once said that "all amusements are but a shadow compared with the pleasure of reading the Bible. " Can professing Christians of to-day echo this sentiment concerning the great "Book of books"? Are there not too many who will tell you that they have to force themselves to read the Bible, and more from a sense of stern religious duty than from a feeling of real pleasure or satisfaction? Will not these same individuals tell you in all seriousness that they have earnestly and studiously endeavored to love the Bible, but failing in their efforts, have time and time again turned away from it to find pleasure and consolation in other directions? Many will also tell you that they were compelled by their parents to memorize whole chapters in the Bible, and to attend Sunday School where nothing was said or heard about a God who healeth all our diseases; and that as they grew into manhood and womanhood they had even turned away from the church of their fathers, half doubting the existence of the God about whom they had read.