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[Written for the Journal.]


From the September 1908 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Behold when skies are torn by trebled thunder, And daytime, foul with fury, seemeth night, Across the path of clashing hail there cometh The long-enduring sun's benignant light, And archeth over earth a beauteous halo, Which lusting hands all restlessly beseech— A silent, sevenfold wonder, out of chaos, The radiant rainbow bends, God's law to teach. Yea, clouds drop sweet distilment in their anger, And craving earth doth find her latter rain; Though needles of the frost seem, plied with blighting, They clothe with autumn splendor wood and plain; And nothing fails nor fades apart from being, Life's law of recompense hath countless signs,— The shriek of desert wind at length becometh The soft, balm-breathing discourse of the pines.