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From the January 1915 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Man is a divine idea, an individualized conception and product of the activity of the infinite and divine Mind. This is, however, the spiritual and immortal man, not the mortal and finite concept of man expressed in a physical form, which presents a seeming life, intelligence, and action to the physical senses. The true understanding of man is attained only as we comprehend the Principle and law which constitutes and governs the image of God, and the reason of the illusive phenomena of the mortal and finite concept of man entertained by mortal belief.

If there is one thing which is certain, it is that law governs all things which have real and eternal existence. It also determines the unreality of all the things which have a mortal and finite seeming existence. Absolute and perfect law must of necessity be the law of permanency to the perfect and immortal, as it is also the law of the destructibility of all seeming and illusory phenomena of existence which are not in harmony with and not created or caused in accordance with itself.

Perfect law, however complex it may be, is in each part harmonious with each and every other part, all of which constitutes and creates an harmonious total expression of law. Not only is it thus in itself perfect, but another requirement attaches to perfect law, namely, it must be perfect in its application to all possible existing conditions in the universe, infinitely protective to all real and perfect existence, absolutely destructive to all that is imperfect, unreal, or illusory in a false sense of existence. It is the law of the supremacy of Truth and the destruction of error. It is self-enforced, and through the law of cause and effect it gives proper reward to right action and makes error its own executioner.

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