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I want to express my gratitude...

From the April 1927 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I want to express my gratitude for Christian Science, as discovered and taught by our beloved Leader, Mrs. Eddy. To Christian Science I owe my health and happiness, but above all, my spiritual birth. The Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, was recommended to me by a dear friend who had just experienced a wonderful healing from defective eyesight and other inharmonies. In her uplifted sense of freedom she was able to impart some of the healing influence of Truth to me. It came to my confused and uncertain sense in answer to an earnest longing for spiritual light; for nothing I had studied, and no religious teaching I had followed, had given me any enlightenment or satisfaction. Through this friend I was able to secure a copy of Science and Health. After reading with what seemed to be an unusually slow unfolding, I nevertheless was healed of one or two minor errors—fatigue and annual colds.

After my second perusal of Science and Health my friend said to me, "Have you taken the Bible for corroboration of Science and Health?" I was reluctant to do so, as my previous experience in studying the Scriptures had only resulted in confusion, with a feeling that God was a long way off, as well as unjust, because of the evil and suffering in the world. But Science and Health had corrected that miserable condition of thought. Divine Love lovingly led me to open the Bible at John, first chapter, and I read from the first to the fifth verses. I saw that God. Truth and Love, includes our real consciousness, and that mankind knew it not until Mrs. Eddy, through her great spirituality, opened the Scriptures so that all could read and understand. From that day to this there has not been any doubt. For two years I read the Scriptures more than anything else, as on account of family opposition I was not able to have and read the Christian Science literature openly; but through constant application of the truth that has all been overcome, and every day I experience more freedom physically, mentally, and morally. I am trying to prove my heartfelt gratitude to God, to Christ Jesus, and to Mrs. Eddy by reflecting more love, being less critical, and serving wherever God places me.

I can never tell half of what Christian Science has brought me. I have two sons who have been raised to manhood in Christian Science. At the birth of the second son the conditions were very alarming to my family and those in attendance. A severe case of kidney trouble was overcome through the loving help of a practitioner and my own faith in God as the only Life. To human sense the birth was premature, and the baby, too, had little chance to live. But God's power again was manifested and he lived, and I am happy to say loves Christian Science.—