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From the April 1928 issue of The Christian Science Journal

CHRIST JESUS said, "If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered." And John declared, "He that hath not the Son of God hath not life." It is evident that these sayings point to something much more enduring and sustaining than that of which the material senses tell us. The larger life to which they point has been the subject of speculation among philosophers throughout the ages. Most of them have agreed that the physical senses are incapable of perceiving life in its fullness, and some have concluded that, as the human organs of perception are very limited, reality must forever remain unknown to men.

Nevertheless, it is clear to thousands to-day that Jesus gave the answer to this enigma many centuries ago. He saw substance as spiritual and as existing wholly apart from material force and attraction. He taught that creation is a purely spiritual expression of a purely spiritual cause. Students of his teachings have been trying ever since to explain away the evidence of that which contradicts the great truths which he left us, but not till a seer of to-day, not till Mary Baker Eddy, revealed the existence of this one all-embracing divine intelligence and its purely spiritual creation, was a full understanding of the divine metaphysics which he practiced made available to all.

Mrs. Eddy has solved for all time the problem of two apparently unrelated creations—the universe of matter, so called, and the great spiritual universe transcending all physical sense. She has shown that the physical senses cannot cognize reality, but she has also shown that men are not on that account shut out from the realm of Truth; for what the physical senses record she explains to be but the counterfeit of an infinite spiritual realm which is understandable to awakened spiritual sense.

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