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I wish to express my very sincere...

From the December 1932 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I wish to express my very sincere gratitude for the many blessings that have come to my family and to me through the study and application of the truth as taught in Christian Science. The past few years have been the testing time for all of us and have been filled with trials and struggles. They have also been full of proofs of the practical utility of God's law in contradiction of so-called human law, and have proved that the truth, correctly applied, never fails.

We faced the loss of our home and found no material law to help us. Through impersonalizing error and clinging to man's heritage as the son of God we were enabled to save it. Only by casting out self-pity and a sense of resentment against those who would have taken it from us did we fit ourselves to own it.

We have had many physical healings. As a child I was left a hunchback as a result of paralysis. This condition was completely overcome in Christian Science, and since that time I have had no physician but God. My three children have never known any material remedies and rely entirely on Christian Science for their help. They have been healed of many contagious diseases, and as our understanding grows they become freer from all diseases. One daughter was healed of a rupture and of pneumonia when she seemed to be passing on.