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Twenty-one years elapsed from...

From the December 1932 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Twenty-one years elapsed from the time I attended school until I re-entered in the summer of 1931. Two years before this I did correspondence work, and at the same time began teaching in a public school for the first time. The only reason I was enabled to do this without recent scholastic preparation was that for several years I had been studying the Lesson-Sermons in the Christian Science Quarterly together with Mrs. Eddy's writings.

When I decided to enter college there were three schools more accessible than the one I chose, but the towns in which they were located did not have Christian Science organizations, so I did not consider them further. All these years I had had little opportunity to appear before the public, and it had left a self-consciousness that I at first thought would take a full summer's course to clear away, but I decided that it could be overcome in Christian Science. After a treatment from a practitioner I delivered with ease before the classes what I needed to say. My efforts were rewarded with a higher certificate than I expected, which entitled me to an increase in salary. For this proof of the power of God as taught in Christian Science I am very thankful.

Living in a rural district as I do, without any Christian Science associates or near-by organization, the works of Mrs. Eddy and the periodicals are of inestimable value. Our two daughters, aged ten and fifteen, write to other young people in many different parts of the world through the "Mail Bag" in The Christian Science Monitor, which fulfills their longing for companionship.