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Several years ago, through the...

From the March 1936 issue of The Christian Science Journal

SEVERAL years ago, through the influence and kindness of a friend who had been healed of a complication of physical ailments of long standing through the application of Christian Science, I was led to seek this help after I, too, had suffered for about seven and a half years from a complication of physical diseases. During these years of physical torture I had had the services, alternately, of three reputable physicians—considered to be the best medical skill in a southern city in which I resided; in addition to which medical treatment I had as an aid many of the numerous patent medicines, electrical treatment, exercises of various kinds, and a sojourn at a famed health resort. Yet with all of these drastic efforts to regain my health I "was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse."

As a finale to my search for health and peace, the doctor decreed that to the best of his knowledge and belief there was no chance of my health being restored by the ministration of medical remedies. I had, myself, reached a somewhat similar conclusion as to my condition. In less than one month after this frank medical ultimatum I saw in my friend the "signs following," proving the healing power of this new-old religion, Christian Science. Such a change for the better as was to be seen in my friend ought to have been at once sufficient confirmation of the great blessings I was later to receive from Christian Science.

Never previously having had any interest in religion, and being decidedly, though silently, antagonistic to churches, I was still skeptical as to favorable results for me. However, after about one week's time I consented to place my case under Science treatment. Simultaneously my friend and I wrote to a practitioner in a distant city and absent treatment was begun. But for the skepticism which I entertained as to favorable results, I should have known almost the moment my letter reached the practitioner, for I began to feel a great relief, an uplifting as though I were literally lifted from the earth. Treatment was continued for about two weeks. Meanwhile the freedom continued, and these few days of treatment brought to me a feeling of security, as well as surprise that I had at last found that of which I had been so long in need—a way whereby I was to be relieved of the suffering that I had endured for the past several years. The certain benefits which I received created in me a desire to know something about Christian Science. Accordingly I purchased a copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and began an intensive, systematic study of the Bible and this other wonderful book. I was early healed of opposition to church. These two books, together with the other writings of Mrs. Eddy and our periodicals, have been my only physicians for many years. Although I have encountered many trials, physical and otherwise, in the meantime, I have applied Christian Science to all of them and, truly, "out of them all the Lord delivered me."

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