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From the March 1936 issue of The Christian Science Journal

FROM time immemorial, freedom has been the desired goal of every human being; it has been one of the deepest longings of the human heart, one of the strongest cravings of the human consciousness. Yet, at the same time, freedom has seemed almost unattainable, although mankind has searched for it in myriad ways and in all possible directions. The reason why freedom has not been more generally attained, is that it has been considered an external thing, a thing dependent upon circumstances outside of the individual, instead of an inward grace. Freedom, however, lies not in outward things; it is within man. Freedom is a spiritual, not a material condition of being; therefore, true freedom is an individual attainment. Freedom is within the reach of every child, man, or woman who is really willing to be free. No outward circumstance can prevent anyone from basking in the sunshine of "the glorious liberty of the children of God."

All humanity is longing for freedom from unhappiness, from sickness, from suffering and pain, from want and lack of all sorts, from loneliness and grief and fear, and in a measure, humanity is longing for freedom from sin; but mankind is hoping and waiting for something to happen that perchance will bring it this desired end. Right here is a clue to the unfortunate situation! Just so long as we are waiting for something to happen, just so long are we postponing our experiencing that which is here now, that which has been with man forever, for God, the one Mind, is and has been the all of good in all eternity; and the desired freedom from all discord is one of the manifestations of the "infinite progression" which Mrs. Eddy calls "concrete being" (Miscellaneous Writings,p. 82).

Let us briefly consider all the things we desire to be freed from: unhappiness, sickness, suffering, pain, want, lack, loneliness, grief, fear, sin, et cetera. Are they not one and all expressions or effects of the belief in a cause or a power other than God? All these untoward conditions are effects of causes which, according to the teachings of Christian Science, are outside the realm of reality. These so-called causes are denials of the all-presence and all-power of God, good, denials of that which is and ever shall be.

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