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Testimonies of Healing

There is no limit to the blessings...

From the June 1936 issue of The Christian Science Journal

There is no limit to the blessings and benefits that have come to me, and that will continue to come to me, through the study of Christian Science. Likewise there is no limit to my gratitude to God, to Jesus the Christ, and to Mary Baker Eddy for these blessings. Christian Science has healed me of valvular heart trouble, constipation, bilious attacks, headaches, and of what we might term minor ailments; also of the use of profanity. In times of sorrow, and when passing "through the valley of the shadow of death," I had no fear, for divine Love was always with me and I had Love's continuous comfort and protection. Through the understanding of God and man's relation to Him which I have gained through the study of Christian Science, I have been freed from all sense of separation, loss, and loneliness.

Christian Science was first brought to my attention more than twenty-five years ago, at a time when the outlook as to health and happiness was very dark. My mother and I were confronted with sickness, poverty, and resentment, "having no hope, and without God in the world." We did not believe in God or prayer, and entertained a tendency to ridicule anything of a religious nature. Taking up the study of Christian Science was not an easy matter, and I well remember the first time that I attended a Christian Science church. I went in obedience to the wish of my mother and the instructions of the practitioner, but with a determination not to listen to a single word. I was also told by the practitioner to read "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy. When I came to the end of the chapter, "Recapitulation," I told the practitioner that I had finished reading the book. He told me to start over. This had an awakening effect. The truth began to dawn on my thought and I found that I could not read half as many pages in an evening as previously. A Bible was soon purchased, and I learned that I had been seeking God always and had been praying for years, but had never been aware of it. Peace, happiness, health, and prosperity came to us. Within two years we were living in our own home, and soon became members of The Mother Church and of a local branch church, and later had class instruction. How happy and thankful we have been for all these privileges and the opportunity to serve in this great Cause!

Several years ago on a Wednesday my mother was struck by an automobile. Although there were no bones broken, her whole body and head were badly injured, resulting in concussion of the brain. To all appearances there was little chance for her recovery. Christian Science treatment was called for at once, but for two days no change for the better was noticeable. However, the work done was having its effect. On Saturday she began to rally and the improvement kept on steadily. Several weeks elapsed before she regained her full physical and mental strength and could recognize people and talk and think rationally. After this she was really stronger than before the accident, all due to the healing work of Christian Science.

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