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From the September 1947 issue of The Christian Science Journal

God, Spirit, who created all, comprehends all to be as spiritual and perfect as He made it. The harmony and perfection of man, the expression of God, is intact, unopposable, and everlastingly evident. To the all-knowing Mind and man in His likeness, everything in God's universe is present, harmonious, and unchangeable. If everything that exists is perfect and eternally evident to infinite Mind and to the real man in the likeness of divine Mind, it is obvious that the spiritual evidence of the harmony and wholeness of God's creation does not need to be and cannot be improved upon, and in reality there is no other evidence.

It is only erring thought, the false evidence of the material senses regarding man, that needs to be changed. False concepts of man are changed not by heeding what dogma, tradition, or material sense testimony says about him, but by understanding the real man's glorious spiritual selfhood as forever including every right idea and faculty.

It was Jesus' correct view of man that changed false evidence and enabled him to heal the sick. Like Jesus, you and I, as sons of God, omniscient Mind, do not lack the intelligence to discern what man is, or the faith that the spiritual understanding we reflect dispels the erring sense testimony that would obscure the present perfection of God's spiritual creation. If we seem unable to speak to disease with the authority of Jesus, we can reject the lying evidence of the senses and, as the following experience illustrates, acknowledge the spiritual evidence ever at hand until the realization follows which changes false evidence and heals.