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From the July 1953 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Mind, not matter, is the source and substance of supply. This vital fact is demonstrable, as the Bible records show. Abram, Hagar, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, Christ Jesus, and others proved that God, divine Mind, provides His children abundantly with all that is necessary and good.

According to Christian Science, supply is governed now, as in Biblical times, by spiritual law. It declares that men and women can understand and demonstrate this law today with the same practical and satisfying results as did those in earlier days. The basic requirement to bring the divine law of supply into immediate operation is an understanding of God as good, ever present and all-powerful, and a knowledge of man's relationship to Him.

In Science, God is understood to be Mind, the all-loving, the one infinite intelligence, which creates, sustains, directs, protects, and governs all being. Mind, God, is All-in-all, having no opposite, counterfeit, or substitute. He is absolute, supreme; He fills all space, is all substance. There is no other God.