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Handling Premonitions

From the August 1968 issue of The Christian Science Journal

What must one do if he has a premonition of evil or a feeling of impending disaster? First he must realize that he is not helpless. There is an adequate antidote for every type of aggressive evil suggestion. Evil is unreal at any stage of its development; and with a knowledge of Christian Science one can forestall what may seem to mortal belief to be an inevitable sequence.

I can well remember an experience many years ago when a favorite pet was killed in an accident. I had had a foreboding of evil. The atmosphere of my personal relations had been overshadowed with disagreement and ill feeling. The air was heavy with self will. It was a perfect setup for error, or mortal mind, to move into my experience. In retrospect I now know that I could have prevented such an occurrence.

With a more alert detection of evil and a more faithful application of the law of God, premonitions can be dissipated and the government of God, good, be realized. Many people have been educated to believe that because premonitions in some measure forecast events, they are the will of God; and individuals have been taught to acquiesce in them. Such mesmerism should always be vigorously resisted. God is good; and His will is always the will of Life, the will of Love, an unadulterated blessing. No evil is inevitable, for good alone is real.