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The Race Question

From the August 1968 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The world believes in many races. In turn, this is a material belief for other erroneous convictions to attach themselves to —notions of superiority and inferiority, hatred, distrust, strife, and violence.

People are sometimes bewildered by far-reaching, emotional issues like the race question. The tendency is to begin with the problem—with one's own doubts, strong opinions, or reservations—and then try to find truths that appear to justify one's position. But is this seeking basic Science or divine knowledge to bring to light the underlying issue in order to bless all? Will this type of approach solve the problem or bring lasting peace of mind? The knowledge of error's nothingness and Truth's allness alone satisfies.

Mrs. Eddy tells us that "in Christian Science mere opinion is valueless"Science and Health, p. 341; and that "the one Mind, God, contains no mortal opinions."p. 399; From these uncompromising statements we can see that as long as we linger in the realm of human opinion we have not even begun to handle the race question or any other world issue in a Christianly scientific way.