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Ushering Is a Healing Activity

From the August 1968 issue of The Christian Science Journal

What is ushering? Most of us think of ushering as welcoming the stranger, seating people, giving directions, and generally being helpful inside a church edifice. Such ushering helps the service run smoothly and efficiently.

Church members often feel it is their duty to usher. But to a Christian Scientist, ushering means and demands much more. Christian Science churches are healing churches. Physical, mental, and moral healings are expected at each service. The ushers play a major role in these healing services. Ushering is far more than a duty; it is a privilege. How can the usher best fulfill his healing mission? By keeping his own thought Christly.

Ushering starts more with what is happening in the usher's consciousness than with what is happening in a church edifice. What is he thinking? Thinking governs and dictates actions. The subjective state determines the outward experience.