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The Organist's Vital Role in a Christian Science Service

From the December 1971 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In the Manual of The Mother Church under the heading "Music in the Church," our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, includes a single By-Law entitled "Soloist and Organist." The first sentence reads, "The music in The Mother Church shall not be operatic, but of an appropriate religious character and of a recognized standard of musical excellence; it shall be played in a dignified and suitable manner."Man., Art. XIX, Sect. 1;These descriptive guidelines help musicians bring their artistry to a standard of excellence that enriches and elevates the total service.

The "Present Order of Services in The Mother Church and Branch Churches" outlined in the Appendix of the Manual (see pages 120–126) calls for organ or piano music before and after the service where this is possible. The Sunday service normally includes a prelude, three hymns, a solo, the offertory, and a postlude.

The organ prelude prepares the congregation's thought for the spiritual gifts offered during the hour. It provides a background for the ushers' expression of graciousness. It should inspire and uplift.