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Blessing all as it blesses each one

Spiritual Law, "the infinite calculus"

From the August 1976 issue of The Christian Science Journal

To many an amazing factor of Christian Science is its dynamic effect in human experience. It not only heals bodily disease but purifies character, encourages, strengthens, and uplifts constructive human endeavor, and solves what seem most difficult and complex human problems. In its Christian, healing outreach it reveals the power and tender care of ever-present divine Love as available to all mankind.

Christian Science is pure, spiritual Science. Entirely practical, it demonstrates the law of God—divine Spirit, immortal Principle—which overrules apparent material or physical laws. As one studies and applies this Science and sincerely lives it, the results become evident in one's progressive realization of the whole man; in purification of purpose and elevation of thought and action; in release from fear and anxiety; in health and harmony; in a confident consciousness of freedom and accomplishment.

"As adherents of Truth," writes Mrs. Eddy in Science and Health, "we take the inspired Word of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal Life."Science and Health, p. 497; The power of spiritual law was proved many times in the lives of prophets and apostles and was evidenced in full and complete demonstration in the life of Christ Jesus. Mrs. Eddy's first glimpse of the Science underlying Jesus' healing work led her to search, through consecrated Bible study and constant prayer and communion with God, until the healing laws of divine Spirit were revealed to her. She was thus enabled to organize the exposition of Christian Science in the textbook, Science and Health, throwing the light of this Science on the Bible, now spiritually understood.