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Church Bulletin Board

From the March 1989 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Whether at a shopping mall, on a college campus, or in the foyer of a church, a bulletin board is a great place for people to share information. You can learn a lot about an active community from reading local bulletin boards. We hope you'll enjoy this bulletin board and feel encouraged to join in and share experiences.

During the building of our church and its completion, great spiritual growth along with a rapid increase in membership occurred. The church building program included concerted prayer and inspired work by the members, and resulted in the completion and dedication of our church in about five years. The church building program served its purpose and was discontinued.

After a period the church began to decline in membership and attendance. There was apathy and a reluctance to accept appointments. About two years ago comparisons were made to the growth experienced during the building program and how challenges and problems had been overcome. It was suggested that if a church building program could bring so much growth, perhaps a spiritual building program would be the next step in furthering progress.