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Before being allowed to take...

From the August 1992 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Before being allowed to take an overseas assignment, my husband and I were required by his firm to submit to a complete physical examination at a local hospital. When the results of my blood test were received, the staff called me back for more extensive testing and also wanted to give me a prescription for iron.

I spoke with the doctor in charge, telling her that I was a Christian Scientist and that I would like to take care of this through Christian Science treatment. She knew nothing of the religion and was quite skeptical. But when she was told we wouldn't be leaving the country for at least six months, she reluctantly agreed, providing I came in before our departure date to be checked.

I then continued working prayerfully with a fellow Christian Scientist with whom I had got in touch before the initial physical exam had taken place. We had been affirming the supremacy of God's jurisdiction and knowing that divine Love creates and governs its ideas with unchallengeable wisdom and authority. We also expressed gratitude for the kindness and caring that we knew motivated the individuals on the medical staff. We recognized that these qualities were an expression of their true nature as the children of God. This helped me to overcome a sense of resentment at having to undergo not only another blood test but also a series of other tests.