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Man overboard!" The call...

From the August 1992 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Man overboard!" The call rang out and triggered actions that every sailor is trained to perform automatically.

The day had been all that sailing buffs could ask for. My husband and I had happily accepted our friends' invitation to join them on their thirty-foot sailboat for the weekend. We had sailed close by two of the great sailing ships of South America and joined a number of sailboats and small craft to watch and cheer the two ships as they passed by majestically, under full sail.

We suddenly realized that a small boat had capsized in the stiff breeze and its pilot was in need of immediate assistance. Being experienced sailors, the two men on our boat anticipated the elderly gentleman's needs and, with the help of another craft, brought him aboard, picking up his scattered equipment and righting his small boat. In the concentration of the moment, during which I was praying earnestly to understand God's guidance and omnipotent care, I did not hear my hostess call out, "Coming about!"