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Part two

Last month in the Journal, Editor William Moody was speaking with a group of practitioners and teachers in England about the role of the branch Church of Christ, Scientist, in its community. This month the discussion concludes with some observations on how the public practice of Christian Science healing is a vital part of every branch church's involvement in its community. Participants are Fenella Bennetts, C.S.; Evelyn M. S. Duckett, C.S.B.; Hazel Joynes, C.S.B.; and J. Anthony Periton, C.S.B.

Church, community, and the healing practice

From the February 1993 issue of The Christian Science Journal

William Moody: Let's take another question, and look at our prayer as church members. In what ways can we pray that will attract a genuine response from the community and help establish a greater openness to Christian healing? Hazel Joynes: Of course there's the "Daily Prayer" in the Manual of The Mother Church by Mrs.