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My husband and I made...

From the December 1995 issue of The Christian Science Journal

My husband and I made plans to visit our eldest son and his family for the Christmas holidays and, in preparation for this, I had quite a bit of work to do.

Previous visits to this family had been marked by much in-harmony. Some of this stemmed from the fact that my son's wife was very uneasy about the fact that my husband and I are Christian Scientists. (My son has never been much interested in our religion himself.) Her parents were coming, and my infrequent contact with them also filled me with a bit of apprehension. I found I was having strong misgivings about the peacefulness of our visit.

I had mentioned my concerns to my husband, hoping, I suppose, that he would bolster me in the resolve to "get through the difficult moments." But I knew deep down that I had to improve my own view of the mental atmosphere we would be entering. So I prayed, first by acknowledging the omnipresence of God, who is good alone. God was there, as well as at home, and always in complete control. His government is always operative. I knew that all His children are open to His guidance and reflect divine wisdom.