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A WHOLE NEW phase of creativity

In the search for originality—in business, the arts, the sciences—where we start makes all the difference.

From the September 1999 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Creativity is a very attractive and practical quality, sometimes sought after in a variety of bizarre ways. He's a very creative person, or she's a very creative manager, we might say of someone. We mean that individual seems to have an ample stock of novel, intriguing, sound ideas and knows how to use them. Most of us would prefer to be that way than to feel barren, never hit by a good idea.

Businesses want to be that way, too. "Companies will go to almost any lengths to make themselves more creative," says an article in The Economist .  The Economist (London), August 17, 1996. It mentions a company in the United States that "has built a 'humour room, ' where staff can play the buffoon with the help of Monty Python videos." It also cites a Danish company that "has outlawed paper, on the assumption that it encourages bureaucratic thinking" and a Japanese firm that has created pathways on its grounds in order to stimulate employees' inspiration.

Whether in business or elsewhere, there is an approach we can explore that's beyond either the humanly unconventional or conventional ways of being more creative. A great breakthrough of Christian Science is that it not only affirms one creator—as do other monotheistic teachings—but it also affirms a single creation, one kind of creation, the entirely spiritual outcome of the one divine Maker, God. "The creative 'Us' made all, and Mind was the creator,"  Miscellaneous Writings, p. 57. Mary Baker Eddy explains. That one creator can have only one creation is central to the Science of being. And this understanding can have direct bearing on satisfying our own creative needs.

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