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From the April 2008 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Some Years Ago, I was deeply grieving over the loss of a loved one. Up to that point, I'd been able to find comfort in the Bible and Science and Health. But now, despite my diligent searching for answers to lingering questions about my life and purpose, I was dealing with many doubts and fears.

During this time, whenever I exerted myself physically I began to experience symptoms of a heart problem. These symptoms included heart palpitations, shortness of breath and wheezing—symptoms similar to ones my grandmother suffered from and took medication for all the years I knew her. I especially noticed this discomfort after strenuous activity and would have to lie down afterwards, especially when I worked in the yard or mowed our half-acre lawn.

As a result, I hired two different companies to care for our property, one to apply chemicals and another to do the mowing. Although I was never at home when the man came to cut the grass, my neighbors pointed out that because he was doing his job with a huge riding mower, he left deep tire marks in the grass. Also, because this had been a dry summer, our grass eventually began to look like straw, and our lawn, a wasteland. What's more, the two men were blaming each other for the mess!

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