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Following the example set by the question-and-answer columns in the early Journals, when Mary Baker Eddy was Editor, this column will respond to general queries from Journal readers with responses from Journal readers. You'll find information at the end of the column about how to submit questions.

How will people unacquainted with Christian Science find this Science beyond the grave?

From the August 2011 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In writing of life after death, Mary Baker Eddy says, “We cannot spend our days here in ignorance of the Science of Life, and expect to find beyond the grave a reward for this ignorance.” And she later adds, “If here we give no heed to Christian Science, which is spiritual and eternal, we shall not be ready for spiritual Life hereafter” (Science and Health, pp. 409–410). This seems to indicate that most people, who are ignorant and unfamiliar with Science, won’t be ready for life in the hereafter. If through no fault of their own people are unacquainted with Christian Science, why should they be penalized or unrewarded for this “ignorance”? And how will they find this Science beyond the grave? —A reader in Massachusetts, US

A: In one of Mary Baker Eddy’s books, Rudimental Divine Science, she has a beautiful definition for Christian Science. She writes that it is “the law of God, the law of good, interpreting and demonstrating the divine Principle and rule of universal harmony” (p. 1).

This is not an exclusive definition that shuts out the world. It applies to anyone who is abiding by the law of God, good, the rule of universal harmony. So many times I have heard total strangers to Christian Science, who are given a copy of Science and Health, say, “I have known this and practiced it and I never knew it was called Christian Science.” It no longer surprises me. Anyone who lives life from that standpoint of good is applying the law of God. Many people, without being aware of Christian Science, already have the wonderful qualities of peace and harmony and total honesty, which come right from God. These individuals are what Mrs. Eddy called “natural Christian Scientists” (Science and Health, p. 483).

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