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‘Unblemished, untouched’ by a burn

From the January 2015 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Gophers destroy gardens. I had a very large garden and decided on a humane approach—often inserting smoke bombs into their tunnels to encourage them to find dwellings elsewhere. The bomb looks like a firecracker with a fuse sticking out of one end. After one lights the fuse, the bomb is placed into the gopher hole and it begins to belch smoke.

One afternoon I had lit a smoke bomb and held it in my hand longer than usual. Suddenly it became a ball of fire, engulfing my hand. Dropping the bomb into the gopher hole, I sat down on a bench in the garden to regain my composure and equilibrium. It had all happened very quickly, and it was vital for me to get my sense of calm so I could reverse the aggressive suggestion of having experienced an accident.

Not wanting to be impressed with the physical evidence, I didn’t examine my hand, but began to pray earnestly to know that in Truth, nothing had happened. No damage had been inflicted through a seeming accident. Nothing could alter my wholeness. My identity as a spiritual idea was forever intact and secure under God’s control.

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