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From the June 2016 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The Journal is planning to have an occasional column called “Learning from what Jesus said.” Whether you’re inspired by the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus’ parables, or what the master Christian said during the last supper—or something else entirely—we’re interested in hearing how Christ Jesus’ words have brought meaning and depth to your practice of Christian Science. Sharing healing experiences that relate to the topic is welcome but not required. See for submission information

I want to thank George Moffett for his wonderful article, “On not denying the Christ” in the February issue of the Journal. What a wonderful and comforting sense of what it truly means to follow Christ—and the bearing this can have when we are tempted to get discouraged over what would seem to be delayed healing! How comforting to be so clearly reminded that all Christian healing is, in fact, inevitable!

I am also finding the following excerpt from this article to be very helpful in praying about the current political climate in the United States—and about the other issues that seem to be plaguing our world: “… [know] that only one influence bears on human thinking—the ‘divine influence ever present in human consciousness,’ as Mrs. Eddy describes in the Christian Science textbook (Science and Health, p. xi).”