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Our Pastor’s Sermon

From the June 2016 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Sun shining over a field

Dear weekly Lesson-Sermon,
You’re a vehicle for Soul
To speak our Pastor’s message;
This is your sacred role.

Your message in each Sermon
Brings our Pastor ever near,
The Word of God around the globe,
Eliminating fear.

A century and more you’ve borne
The powerful Word of Love;
The Holy Bible and its Key1
Bring blessings from above.

You speak to us so gently,
In sickness or in grief
Reassuring us God’s presence
Is around, above, beneath.

The Word of Father-Mother Love
Accompanies our way,
Revealing God’s pure allness
As we think and speak and pray.

Whenever times seem tough or hard
You’re there with message sure;
Replacing darkness with the light
And bringing Christly cure.

So may our thought be open
To your message clear each week; 
And bring sweet consolation
To those who thirst and seek.

The Pastor’s always speaking
To those with listening ear;
God’s Word of healing, comfort, joy,
Forever new, and here.

—Jill Gooding

1Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy