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No more flu symptoms

From the June 2016 issue of The Christian Science Journal

One winter during a severe flu epidemic, I had a lingering cough and difficulty breathing. The condition was not healed through my own prayers, so I called a Christian Science practitioner for support. Often as a patient calling for metaphysical help, I experience healing with little effort on my part. This time, though, I felt I should be doing more to correct my own thought.

I tried to listen to audio content on for inspiration, but my tablet computer was having technical problems. However, the thought came that I was not dependent on a tablet or any other device; I could simply turn to God and listen spiritually. 

As I prayed, I realized that every true spiritual function is a spiritual ability that man has as God’s reflection, and this truth applied to my breathing. Mary Baker Eddy writes in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: “Every function of the real man is governed by the divine Mind.… The divine Mind that made man maintains His own image and likeness.… All that really exists is the divine Mind and its idea, and in this Mind the entire being is found harmonious and eternal” (p. 151).