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Rapid healing of burn

From the June 2016 issue of The Christian Science Journal

As a Christian Scientist, I’ve learned the importance of not only understanding my relationship to Mind, God, as Mind’s exact reflection, but also carrying that understanding with me moment by moment each day, and consciously acknowledging it to be true no matter the evidence to the contrary.

Recently I was in my kitchen removing a cast-iron skillet from the hot oven with a potholder. I lifted the heavy end of it with the potholder in my right hand, but then I reached out with my bare left hand and grabbed the handle to steady the pan, which I estimate was around 350 to 400 degrees. Of course I let go of the pan quickly!

Three thoughts then came in rapid succession: first, the material belief about the damage and pain that happens when we grab something extremely hot; second, a thought of self-recrimination that I had just done a really stupid thing. But the third thought that came was that divine Mind is the only source of intelligence, and that as the idea of divine Mind, or God, I reflect that intelligence every moment. Therefore, I’m consistently intelligent and there’s no opportunity for stupidity. Since there was no opportunity for me to do anything stupid, that meant I hadn’t done something stupid, regardless of the evidence. I’m subject to the law of God, divine Science, which is the law of harmonious being, and not of false material beliefs.