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Jesus and the disciples

From the February 2019 issue of The Christian Science Journal

it might have been easy to write them off what a disappointment  it must have been to see them stumble falter run away resort to old ways but there he was, he knew the road ahead and was there to show them  washing their feet urging them to watch and pray encouraging them to rise and face the dark reminding them to love and love and love when it came down to it disappointment was the least of it a footnote a momentary blip as he made his way forward eyes fixed on the face of Love even as veils were rent wounds healed boulders removed hatred, fear, and doubt dissolved and there in sharp relief: victory promise redemption no disappointment just a sure calling the quiet insistence the joy of assurance to say  here I am I have not left you you are not alone “cast the net on the right side”  John 21:6 one gentle nudge after another communing with them breaking bread telling the story yet again they said “did not our heart burn within us?”    Luke 24:32 . rejoicing: wash feed love heal O fishers comforters peacemakers of men —Joni Overton-Jung.