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Pain in lungs gone

From the November 2021 issue of The Christian Science Journal

During the summer of 2020, my boyfriend and I swam around Mercer Island, Washington, in one- to two-mile segments. It was a joyful endeavor as we spent many sunny days together and progressed in feeling more and more comfortable in the water. 

On one swim, however, I experienced a sharp pain in one of my lungs. It was debilitating and I found that each time I took a stroke I winced with pain. My boyfriend patiently helped me float and kick to our exit point and got me back home. 

The pain had subsided significantly by the time I got home, but occasionally, when I breathed in, the sharpness would return. We had a big swim planned for the next day, one of our larger segments. I knew I needed to turn to God in this time of need.