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Testimonies of Healing

Numbness in leg healed

From the November 2022 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The first verse of the Bible, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth,” in Genesis 1, lays the foundation for the truth that Christ Jesus taught his followers, which he demonstrated by healing all kinds of diseases, and ultimately proved by his resurrection. Mary Baker Eddy discovered the Science behind the Master’s words and works, and faithfully recorded her discovery so that anyone can, through study and persistent effort, prove in their own experience the goodness of God, who is all Life.

One Sunday morning after attending a church service and then going grocery shopping, I discovered upon arriving home that the calf of my right leg was totally numb. Without hesitation, without wondering if there might be a cause for this, I rejected the possibility that any of God’s spiritual ideas, including me, could be governed by anything other than the good and right. I refused any thought suggesting that I would not be able to finish my task of bringing in the groceries, or continue with my usual home activities. 

Since I am an octogenarian, I prayerfully addressed any suggestion of degeneration, by denying that calendar-year aging has any part in God’s universe of eternality and constancy. I also affirmed the truth of God and His reflection, man, that had been expounded during that Sunday service. God is Spirit, and God is infinite, the Only. Therefore matter, the opposite of Spirit, is not real; and thoughts that would make a reality of matter, including sickness, are not true, because they are not of Mind (God), which is, and knows, only Spirit. Man is the spiritual expression of this Mind and can know and be only good, because God, good, is the one Being, the All-in-all. 

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